Thursday, March 1, 2012

There's a Spring in my Step!

Hello March!

'ave you ever seen the grass so green or a bluer sky? ...The daffodils are smilin' at the dove.- Bert's lyrics in Jolly Holiday, Mary Poppins

It's 65 degrees outside and I'll take it! I wore a t-shirt today and my Teva flip-flops for the first time this spring. (Sorry, Marianne!)

After phone calls, faxes, driving, and meetings, I'm going back to school on Monday. My principal is thrilled. Longer story, but not worth telling...

We acquired a new, cozy chair for our living room. We both decided we needed another comfy piece of furniture around this place. Lots of staying at home can make you think about such things...

I had my second outing today, other than doctor's visits. And I've spent more of today sitting up and walking around than any other day so far :)

Have I mentioned that I love our new (to us) car?

My head felt and feels lighter today. I hope that's not me getting accustomed to the pain, but I think it may be so. My neck still aches, but I'm careful to turn my body rather than my neck if I need to.

Humility is my new name of the game. I need to take to heart that I WILL have to ask for h-e-l-p more than I ever have before. While it's new for me, it's definitely possible.

Tonight Jim's making tilapia with sauteed vegetables in the dutch oven. YUM!

And we'll spend the evening sitting by our outside fireplace and enjoying the breeze.

Hush! The fire's calling my name....

Cozy, eh?

Don't you just love the dancing bears? Thank you, Mom and Dad! It was our Christmas gift this year. See that adirondack chair? Yup, Jim made it and that's where you can find me on this beautiful evening in March.

Thank you to Susan for dinner yesterday! Thank you to Dave D. for chocolate ice cream! Thank you to my family doctor for your patience with paperwork! And thank you to my coworkers who have continued to work time and a half during my absence (Wanda and Vicki, especially!)!

Prayerfully and thoughtfully thankful today and always.
My 'eart may just start beating like a big brass band...


  1. So happy that you are in a good place with your home, your new comfy chair, your outdoor fire, good food, lots of love sent your way, and even your looking forward to going back to work. Hi to Jim and the dogs! Hope you have a pleasant weekend.
    Love, Dad

  2. I sincerely admire you (and always secretly have)… every time I read your blog, I am reminded to relish those simple things that I love so much and have so little time for. I am SO happy to hear that you seem to be feeling better. I am within a few minutes' drive of you, so please don't hesitate to call.. I'd love a short walk to get the mail, tea by the fire, or just a simple chat if you'd like some company. :)

    1. I'd love to go on a short walk with you, or have tea while chatting by the fire. You are always welcome. I'm so touched by your kind words and I've really missed spending time with you. Please let me know when's good for you. We'll be here this weekend :)

  3. I really do like dancing bears. And it's also very nice to see that you're writing about your joy for the first time in a few weeks.

    1. Thanks, Bobby! We'd love to have you here soon. If weather permits, the bears will be dancing.

  4. Kathe ~ I have been out of the loop, and I didn't even know that you were having health problems. (I started following your blog today so I can stay up-to-date; I thought I was already a member, but I was not!) I am sorry to hear that, and I hope that you're able to recover soon and get back in the swing of life! ~Kelly

    1. Great to hear from you, Kelly! The worst of it's over and now it'll be a slow recovery. Thank you for following :)