Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Much Better + Mere & Sean!

Today was a much better day. I sat for almost all of the classes, other than a few instructional times, and I had the support of an instructional assistant who predicted my every move before I even knew what I wanted to do. My headache is running strong right now, but it's not because we didn't take every precaution. This'll be how I feel in the afternoons for a while, I suppose.

The students have still been AMAZING! It helps that we started a novel...

And it's hump day, so I only have two more days to go!

But there's something much more important to share... my lovely friend, Meredith got married this weekend! They eloped on Friday by Lake Anna! Our friend, Lucy, was the photographer and caught this beautiful moment. Our wedding was her first one ever and she did such a wonderful job. Since then her business has really taken off. Here is a sneak peek from Lucy O Photography! :)
Such joy! - Lucy O Photo
Check out that smile! She's so beautiful and such an awesome person, musician, and friend. We're just so thrilled for Sean and Meredith and look forward to many adventures with them during years to come!

Thank you to Jen for the yummy spinach & bacon quiche dinner!

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