Friday, February 22, 2013

"Otto" Bear

This past week I received the best package! My grandma and aunt had some of my grandpa's shirts made into teddy bears and here I am with mine. It's blue, of course. And by that I mean that it's blue because it's my favorite color and not because my grandpa only wore blue shirts. Honestly, he probably had many blue shirts because my grandma's favorite color is blue, too. Let's just say that almost all of the Krumich women love blue; it's in our genes.


Well, this started me searching through pictures to see if he had worn this shirt in any events that were "documented." I found it many times! Here are a couple of the pictures...

I'm so grateful for this sentimental and thoughtful gift. I'm quite a nostalgic person and I just love having this bear to cherish.

I think I'll call him Otto, after my grandpa's middle name.

I believe these were made by the American Cancer Society.
These were made by seamstresses at the local hospice.
Grandpa had esophageal cancer.