Tuesday, March 27, 2012

National Players!

Willem, my brother, has always enjoyed acting and performing. His first audience, other than our family, were the drivers who happened to pass by our home in Savannah, Georgia. Willem would wear his Peter Pan costume and fight off Captain Hook on the brick steps of our house. Passersby would slow down and observe this young child in his play.

Before he could string together a sentence in communication, Willem could regurgitate an entire book, without missing a word. He would listen to books on tape and memorize the words. You know those books and tapes that would make a sound to let you know to turn the page? Yep, he would speak the entire book and even make the page turning sound before he could even talk. The boy's got an amazing memory and ability to remember quotes from movies, books, you name it! It's as if he has a film running in his head.

One year he played Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. While I was driving him home one day, he asked me if he could recite the monologue from the trial to me. Well, this monologue went on and on and on; I was so impressed that he could memorize something so complex. When he was done reciting it I asked him how long it took him to memorize it. His answer- one bus ride! What?

Willem graduated from college in December. He was a theater major and, since graduating, has been auditioning and applying for auditions. He did have a short stint as a body double with the Virginia Opera, but he's been looking for something more long-term. Well, he made it BIG!

Willem as Ajax, in Ajax
He's been selected to be a part of the National Players! From what I've read and heard from my dad and from him, he'll be traveling all over the country and to some military bases abroad!!! They will be performing two plays: Romeo & Juliet and Animal Farm! Each actor will have a part in each play. And, the best part is that he'll be reporting in July and will be touring with them through May! He'll have a full-time gig! WOOOOHOOO!

We couldn't be more proud.


I haven't received any news from Jim yet; I'm sure they are having a great experience! As far as my health, I had a coughing fit last night and so that brought a lot of pressure to my head. Sleeping was harder last night and today the headache was stronger. 

Thank you to Tino for walking Leif today! He's been restless for some activity! :)

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