Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Day Trip to Staunton

Things I loved about Sunday:
- time spent with my parents
- conversations and catch-up about family, perhaps there was a little teasing in jest, too!
- yummy Shenandoah Pizza for lunch
- an INCREDIBLE show (Much Ado About Nothing at Blackfriar's Playhouse... I mean really, can they get any more talented? If you haven't been, you should check them out!)
- walking around the beautiful city of Staunton, Virginia
- a gorgeous, spring-like day
- walking through the glass-blowing store, Sunspots
- getting a DELICIOUS pork tenderloin from my dad (the grill-master) and a beautiful gift from my mom

I'm so sorry I didn't have our camera to snap a few pictures! My dad had his flip-video, so perhaps one day I can load the video. But it was a wonderful day. It was also just too short, but it was a taste of summer and what's to come...

Since then I've been a bit exhausted and have tried to take it easy at school and at home. It's amazing what can truly wear me out these days. A Wrinkle in Time continues to be a blessing for me and my students and I am so fortunate to work with such supportive people!

Someone told me that we only have 44 more days of school... I think I can make it :)


  1. Stanton is incredibly beautiful. Todd's cousin is a pastor in Churchville, just down the road. Such a heavenly area in the spring.

  2. It is beautiful in the spring! My parents have talked about retiring there... I'd be in full support! Great town!