Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Down!

Well, somehow we are already through the first trimester of pregnancy!

It has not always been easy, but it sure has been exciting! The insatiable hunger that led me to wake up once or twice a night for a snack has finally taken a leave of absence. This past weekend I felt a curtain of exhaustion lift and allow me to get more done. And the nagging and persistant nausea has subsided, for the time being. Those three things, admittedly, made me irritable and uneasy.

The joys have far out-weighed the adjustments, though. It's all worth it... our sweet baby is growing inside of me! We have gotten to see our baby and its heartbeat and we received our first ever pictures of Baby B!! In our most recent appointment we heard the thundering hooves that was our baby's heartbeat, strong and healthy. The midwife says that Baby B is active... who would have imagined?

The First Trimester is Complete!!!

I've started taking Prenatal Yoga classes, which are really enjoyable, relaxing, and strengthening. Other than that we do hikes and walks in the area throughout the week and on the weekends. Last weekend was the first in a while where I've had the energy for a big hike and so we did McAfee's Knob (8 miles). Hopefully we'll be able to keep hiking and active right up until the end.

This weekend I was reading through my pregnancy journal, which has lots of information on the baby's growth and what's happening to my body as well as places for me to write, and it said that my first trimester would be ending in a day. Other women have told me that it's almost like a switch goes off (or on, depending how you look at it) and you have more energy than you did before. I realized that my switch occurred almost a day before the second trimester began. They have this down to a tee!

All women are different, though. I am learning this quickly. I am more interested than ever before in the pregnancy experiences of those around me, gleaning every word I can from their stories. If I haven't spent time with you yet, get your birth stories ready! Haha :)

Baby B, we cannot even begin to express how excited we are about being your parents. We are enjoying each of the little moments so far, and you are still very small in my womb. Even though I am so eager to meet you and hold you, I want to cherish each day you are within me. What a joy to be able to protect and carry you for the first nine months of your existence. We'll have the rest of our lives to  see and hold each other. Dad loves to hold & rub my belly and kiss you. His beam is ever-present and only you can bring that out of him.

First one down, two to go!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh Baby!!!

We are very excited & thrilled as can be,
because our family of two will soon become three (err, four)!!!

Yes, it's true! We are pregnant and due in September!

The two of us could not be more excited about welcoming a baby into this world during the year 2013. I'll never forget the beam of Jim's face when the pregnancy was confirmed by our doctor. Just when you think you know someone really well they surprise you by showing you a whole new emotion and expression. It's those moments that make my heart leap; I cannot wait to see him as a father.

We're so grateful for this new journey.