Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let me just say...

...that we have the best dog in the world!

I mean it. He's the best dog in the world.

After his first swim
Leif's Christmas gift from my mom. He was so proud of that thing!

Raven's Rocks on the AT


Near Pandapas Pond
You wouldn't believe how many times this week he's comforted me and checked on me. When we haven't been together for a few hours or more he needs a cuddle, just as much as I do too. He'll walk up and nuzzle his nose into my legs, if I'm standing. If I'm sitting, he'll come by and rest his head on my lap. And, if invited, he'll place his front paws and chest across my legs, while I'm sitting, and nuzzles into me. He'll stay there for minutes, sometimes fifteen or twenty, if I'm willing.

Sometimes he comes up and gives me a hug, almost like a human would. It blows my mind!

Fetching at Cascades
He loves the water and a good hike. And he's gentle with other dogs, but loves a good romp. His training is really shining through.

Leif always checks to see if I'm with him outside or inside. And if he hears a sound from me upstairs, he's quick to come up and make sure I'm okay. Outside he knows his limits and sticks close, even if we're not paying too much attention.
Christmas wrappings

A better companion I never could find. Jim's a dog whisperer, that's for sure. I'll take the credit for teaching him to sit, lie down, swim (Well, I coaxed him in and gave him his confidence!) and fetch, but Jim taught him how to heel, stay, and stick around.

It's camping time!
We can't even begin to imagine our lives without him. He's certainly our first baby.

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