Saturday, March 24, 2012

Honduras Bound!

Leif and I just saw Jim off for his trip to Honduras! I'm so excited for him to have this opportunity again. He had such a rich experience last year and is even more excited about getting everything he can out of this trip.  You can bet that pictures will be posted upon his return!

As my mom always says, though, it's always hardest to be the one left behind...

But I must say, he certainly out-did himself during these last few days and I feel so surrounded by his warmth and love. The house has been cleaned, the carpets washed, the bed made, and the laundry and dishes done. He also gave me a list of friends to call from VCOM, if I needed help with Leif. Even the secretary there wanted him to give me her information, so she could help if I need anything. Not only that, but he made two pizzas (from scratch) for me to eat for meals this week. And, last but not least, he picked some flowers for me during his last few minutes at home! I'm humbled by his love & care.

Perhaps next time I'll be able to tag along! Until then, Leif and I will cuddle and chill.

Keep him in your thoughts this week.


Thank you to Aunt Carla, Uncle Sam, Alex, and Logan for their generosity and gift card to Olive Garden! That was our date on our last night together :)

Health update (sorry, some of you have been asking!): I'm doing pretty well. I still have soreness in my neck and I still have the headache. Some days my headache gets very light and I'm so grateful for that. My neck was more painful than usual on some days this week. I'm following the doctor's orders, taking my meds, and taking it very easy. It's a slow recovery, what can I say?

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