Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beauty: Spring & Banff Film Festival

What a gorgeous day! Too beautiful to spend inside with parent conferences, that's for sure! Spring is certainly here, as far as the daffodils are concerned, and the stalks of some bulbs are sneaking out of the ground. One flowering tree at school is completely confused and each bud has flowered. I don't have the heart to whisper that winter is not officially over, but perhaps the tree is wiser than me.

The beauty helped me take my mind off the MASSIVE bill from the hospital. Ay yi yi! Some phone calls are going to be made before that's all over...

But I also found this video, by way of a friend, and I'm bummed that this event is going on here in Blacksburg TONIGHT and I'm not there. Next year I'll be there! This Banff Infernational Film Festival teaser video, from the Banff International Film Festival, contains views and feats that are just spectacular! The actual film festival must be amazing and I can't believe/am embarrassed that I haven't actually looked this up before.

Click here: Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival for more information. Perhaps it's still possible for you to see the one in your area!

For a few, brief minutes I found myself on those mountains, scaling those cliffs, and kayaking those rivers, too. But honestly, I'm happy to be watching them and not actually in some of those choppy waters!!! I'm a dare devil, but I certainly have my limits.

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