Thursday, August 25, 2016


Half a year has gone by since this sweet boy arrived and was placed in my arms. Time is ruthless, I tell you. It just keeps charging on and this kid keeps growing, and changing, and learning. Boy, is he a gem.
 Do you see this face? He hands it out like there's no tomorrow, melting heart after heart.
 That smile fills me with hope every time.
 Keep your joy and smile, darling boy. The world needs them and you.
 It needs your drool, too.
 At six months, you sit with some support.
 You can sit for a few seconds, or longer, but eventually you start leaning to one side and end up...
 like this. You aren't too upset about it, oftentimes.
 Ian makes sure that you get your floor cuddles, daily. (Aunt Christine helped me prop you up for some of these pictures).

This month proved to be an unfortunately exciting month for you in one way... you got two stitches on your right eyebrow. Fortunately, you can barely tell! We'll come up with a good story for you...

 These brothers have such a great connection. I hope and pray that it grows even fonder with time.
 Ahh. Just sweet, brotherly love at its finest.
 Oh, Owen. You make the best faces.
 A ham already.
 Up again,
 and back down again. This sweater was made for me by my mom when I was a baby. Ian fit it a little better at 6 months, but I think Owen has some filling out to do. A few less rolls at this age. I wanted to snap a picture of him the same month as I did with Ian :)
That double chin, the squishy rolls, the blue eyes. Oh, how I love you.
 And so does Papa.
 Thanks for making our hearts sing,
 our lives richer,
 and our days more complete
 than we ever thought possible.
Happy 6 months, Owen David!

You love: practicing sitting, smacking your lips together when mama does, being worn in the carrier, falling asleep on our shoulders or on your sheepskin, lying in front of a pile of your toys, turning in circles using your arms to rotate you around the floor, grasping tags on different items, giving gaping-mouthed-saliva-soaking kisses on our cheeks, jumping in the jumper, and smiling at faces.

You have no teeth yet and tomorrow we learn your stats. What a joy you are, sweet blonde boy!

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