Monday, July 10, 2017

Shuffle & WALK

For a long time, Owen found his chimp-like shuffle to be the best mode of transportation. Around fourteen months he decided that walking was a viable option and started employing that, too. It's hard to imagine him doing this now, as he's currently walking quickly everywhere he wants to go. But, I suppose there are still a few times that he resorts to his shuffle when he's only moving a few feet away. 

Owen, you bring so much joy to our lives. Here are a few photos from April/May.

 These faces, I tell you what. They keep us guessing & laughing :)

 Back to the shuffle... ;)
 What? You don't want me heading toward the road?!
 Hmm. I'll take that into consideration.
This little mover & shuffler has so deeply captured our hearts and the hearts of so many. <3

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Well, let's throw things WAY back. Forget the fact that I just drove to my parents' house to start the move to NH. And there are currently movers scurrying around our house right now back in Southern Virginia. Let's take it back a few notches to March and April... sheesh. Life's been full lately, but I don't want to miss out on sharing a few gems in photos. 

For current photos, kept up more regularly, you can find me on Instagram as "riverandshore." I still like to take photos with my good camera, but it just doesn't go everywhere with us and so it misses out on a lot of daily life, outings, and activities. 


March has become one of my favorite months because that's when my family has their spring breaks. They usually come and visit us for some of their time off and I love it. Aunt Phoebe came for a few days,
 and then my parents came after they returned from Madrid!
 We hiked to the Cascades!

The carrot boys!! My grandma always called me her carrot girl.

Before Easter, in April, Ian and I had some fun with potato painting and then stamping them on paper, they were supposed to look like eggs.
Papa had to moonlight over the Easter weekend, so the boys and I hit the road for Paris Mountain for some  Willem reading Ian one of his favorite books, "Saint George and the Dragon" :)

Dad read Owen the cliff notes version of the book. Owen looks SO sleepy! About 14 months in these photos.

Let the egg-dying pursuits begin!!

I'm pretty sure this is the first time my dad has ever dyed eggs with us. I love that our kiddos bring us all together :)
Ian's pipe! ;)
Phoebe's boyfriend, Will, was a bit amazed by our egg-dying talents. Haha!

Candy Land, one of my favorites growing up. I used to cheat and put the princess near the top of the deck, and placed a few turns away from the beginning for me to turn over. Hopefully Ian doesn't take after me... although he, too, gets a bit impatient to get to the castle :)
Dad decided to burn his Christmas tree and it was a HUGE fire.
The smart little man that Ian is, he decided to come up on the porch when the flames got higher and higher.
Cuddle bug... :)

Those blues....

A little belated now. but thank you for a lovely Easter, Mom & Dad <3

Saturday, July 8, 2017

8 on the 8th!

Eight years ago we said "I do." We stepped into this journey called marriage and started the journey of walking each day of our lives together. Year eight has been no joke. It's been challenging, exciting, busy and has included a whole lot of soul-searching. We location-searched, job-searched, house-searched, and dug deep into our ambitions and goals for our family. 
And after doing each of those things, we *FINISHED* residency and hit the road for our new home in New Hampshire. In the end, we are thrilled with where this year took us, where this marriage adventure has landed us. And, so far, we aren't taking one single day out of residency for granted!! Here's to more family time, outdoor pursuits, adventure, and beach time than we've ever had or done before. Year nine, it's on!! :)
Marriage is an amazing thing. So many layers of life all wrapped up within one person. The joys, the painful, the self-sacrificing, they're all seen and heard by one person day in and day out. We have a lot of learning & growing to do yet, but it's good to stop and take stock of where we are in year EIGHT.

Deeper in love than before, feeling known, & at peace with this life we're making together.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Home Sweet Home

One week ago now the boys, my parents & I all arrived at our new home for the very first time. We took a couple of days and nights and made the trek up from my parents' home. We enjoyed hotel pools, dinner at a Hibachi restaurant (what a treat and the boys were mesmerized!), pulling off the road during a deluge and flash flooding, and lots of time bonding in the car :)
 And THEN, we arrived at our new home! HOORAY!! It was my first time seeing it; Jim had come up in February when we put an offer down on the house (offer was placed before even seeing it, too!).

People have been asking for my honest opinion and it's that I absolutely love it. So do my parents. And Ian keeps saying, "I really like our house." Sure, there are things we will want to fix & enhance, but overall, it's a beautiful home and matches our needs & even all of our wants to a tee. I'm still marveling at what a great fit it is for our little family.

Here are some sneak peeks from the midst of our first week :)
 Huge backyard, 3 acres.
Post and beam construction.
 Here's the outside from near the back of the yard.
 I love the details of this home.
 Let's just leave this picture here. It was a horrendous night with the movers. Like the worst possible experience ever. This picture was taken at about 3 AM. I didn't get to sleep until 3:45 AM. Insane.
 The house was too quiet. I found this guy reading on his new little shelf :)
 Our table, made by Jim, just breathes in this space. It's lovely.
 I've hung up a few things around our house so far. Here's one from a friend who's been such a blessing. She gave this to me the night before we left and it's so significant and beautiful to me. I will cherish it always. Our home is filled with items like this that bring us joy and remind us of dear and talented family & friends.
 This swing was here when we arrived and it's made Ian SO happy! Dad obliged and pushed him in it whenever he asked. Ian shouts, "I'm flying!!!"
 Morning light in those windows.
 A mantle to enjoy decorating. Aunt Lizzy's painting displayed front and center <3
 Watermelon on the porch because.... summer.
 Our bedroom.
 My parents left today after staying with us for a week. I cannot thank them enough for all of their help, support, love, patience, & compassion. So many errands, meals, activities, play times with the boys, cleaning places, laundry loads... you name it, they did it. We've been so blessed. This was how they both spent there first 11 days of summer. I am one lucky daughter. Thank you for loving all of us so well. We miss you already.

And so begins life in NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!!!