Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Pinery '16

A couple weeks ago now, much of my family gathered on the Clarion River. My uncle who lives in Miami came with his family and my aunt and cousin and her family who live near The Pinery came and visited and camped. It was a whirlwind but it was good and full.

Owen enjoyed the attention of many different family members, and chewing on his toes.
 Ian enjoyed chatting everyone's ears off & playing with his "friends" (Kaelen, Hazel, & Heidi).
 Our first two days there were just my immediate family. My brother was there when we arrived and my sister came the next day. It was nice to have some time together.

Äma bought this fun swing and a second one for us! We can't wait to set it up under our maple tree.

 That night we had s'mores.

 Ian's always a fan of s'mores.
 I've gotten a picture of Äma pushing Ian in the swing every summer! Can't break that tradition now!
 There's a tub of many of our childhood toys from our times at The Pinery. Ian pulled out almost every one of them and had them play rugby together. "You wanna go and play rugby? Yea? Okay!"
 Every morning we took Ian swimming in the river, except for one particularly rainy day. Boy, did he love it!
Owen loved it, too. As soon as his legs hit the water, he was kicking like crazy!
 So many memories in that beautiful river bend.

 The Cardinal flowers were in bloom. So pretty.

I'm so glad my boys will get to know and love this river, too.
A permanent smile was on Ian's face for almost the whole week.
Loads of Papa time was also just what the doctor ordered. He put Ian down for ever nap and night-time. What a sweet & humorous relationship they have.
The highlight of Leif's life is when he spends a week on the river. We love having a water dog!

And soon everyone arrived to join us!! Such fun to be together. Grandma would have loved it.
These photos were taken on our pizza night. We had pizza from the earth oven.

Kaelen got the "Amazing Cousin" award! He wrestled with Ian, ran with Ian, joked with him, and spoke his language. It was so, so sweet. He's hired.

A stomach bug made it's way around a few family members. One day my mom wasn't feeling so well and super dad stepped in to make the pancakes & baby-wear, so that I could eat my breakfast.
Yummy pancakes! Always absolutely delicious. It wouldn't be a Pinery visit without pancakes one morning, at least.
One day everyone headed out for a float in tubes down the river. Having a newborn knocked us out of this activity this year, and the starting time was a bit late for Ian's nap. So, Jim and Ian had a nice paddle together up the river. Jim says that Ian requested to go upstream through a rapid. Jim explained that Ian would have to sit very still so that he could navigate the rapid and Jim said he became a statue, intent on getting through it. Such determination and control this kid can have, when he wants to!

Poor Leif made it about a half mile with them, but then had to be returned. He couldn't handle Jim's defiance (not herding to where Leif wanted him to go, and getting too far ahead of him). It's a hard life for a dog who just wants everyone to stay together.
I didn't get any pictures of it, but we had a small little service to remember Grandma. We sang a few of the hymns and songs they had sung to her on the day of her passing. We shared memories and my mom wrote a beautiful ABC list about her that brought back loads of memories for us all. It was special to have the service at a place where I spent so much time with her. The Pinery will always jog my mind to memories of her. 

A few whole-group choices for a few family members who I KNOW have been waiting patiently.

Owen & his Aunt Pheebs.

Sweet Papa cuddles. Someone just woke up from a marathon nap.

Photo credit goes to my mom for these last few photos. 
I love this one of four Krumich men skipping rocks. Apparently my dad hit the rock on the other side. No surprise there!!!
Ian LOVED hitching rides across the river from Leif by holding his tail! So much fun. My siblings and I used to do this with our childhood dog, Kodi, so it was so fun to see Ian enjoy this same pleasure!!
Leif really didn't seem to mind, either. 
And, after one last swim, it was time for us to say goodbye. Until next year, sweet Pinery.
And here's one for the Christmas card! The whole family in the river :)

Thank you for a wonderful week full of wonderful family time, delicious food, and fun activities, Mom & Dad! 

Thank you for the legacy you have left in our family, Grandma! 
We are forever blessed for knowing you and being loved by you.

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