Friday, March 2, 2012

Dreary Day: A Chance to Sit

The rainy, chilly day was almost a friendly reminder that it's alright for me to stay inside, even though I'm feeling a little better. I wouldn't be missing anything by spending just a little more time on our new chair and reading a magazine. Yes, I am feeling like reading again! That must be a sign that my headache is, in fact, lighter. Four weeks of the horrible headache are behind me! I loved just sitting and actually being comfortable.

While I sat inside, Jim headed out for a walk with the boys. It hadn't rained until after he got far out on the trail. Each time the rain lightened I thought, "Oh good!" And then the next wave of hard rain would come again. He came back in high spirits and even went right back out for a workout in the little pavilion next to us.

Two o'clock struck and it was time for me to get out of the house. We swung by Jim's school to drop off one of his assignments, and then we were off to my school to see what the coming week will hold. I got to see the wonderful teachers who have been covering and planning for me and a few other colleagues and my principal. I even saw some students, since it was after school, and they were excited to see me. I heard one of them say, "Oh man, she looks like she's still in pain," as I was walking down the hall and yards away from them.

The truth is that I do still have a headache and I do still have a sore neck. And I twist with my torso, not my neck. They're used to me hopping around the classroom and leaping from place to place to make a point, but I just can't do that for a long while now. We'll make do with what we have.

Jim and I have decided that the best thing for me to do will be to tell them about what happened. And tell them why I was gone and how I'll need to heal for a full recovery. I hope that the relationship I've built with them over the year will help us to smoothly transition to an adapted/modified type of instruction within the classroom. It'll be an adjustment period for all of us.

After a few errands, we've settled down to watch Hugo.

Thank you to Regina for a new supply of DVDs and popcorn and thank you to Donna for some homemade baked goods, jam, and apple butter, and a jar of honey!

Doctor's Visits:
3/5 Lab Work Appt. @ 3:45 PM
Probably another lab visit between these two
3/17 GP Appt. @ 9 AM

Happy Friday, everyone!

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