Thursday, March 29, 2012

News from Honduras

Jim's sent me two emails, so far. Below I have included a few excerpts from his emails. Jim's a really good writer, sometimes called "Mr. Rhetoric" by loving family because he corrects some of us a fair amount. I often say that he should be the English teacher and not me. These emails crack me up because he is trying to write them on a friend's phone. Neither of us are very good at texting and it takes us a long time, so his emails have been short, with lots of abbreviations. I've tweaked these quotes a bit, so they are easier to read and don't have any of the autocorrect words.

"We work hard then eat well and we even play some bball before bed. The docs are great."

"We went to eat at the local mall. Ask me about what I ate when I come home. Just wait & ask!"

I'm looking forward to hearing just what it was that he ate :) This sums up about all that I know about his trip so far. 


My students were testing today, which meant I had to climb the stairs to the lab a few times today. My head is going strong and my neck is sore, but the day is done :)

Thank you to Mike and Tino for walking Leif during the past couple days! He's been loving it, and I've been so grateful to have a tired boy around. Today Mike even took him for a swim. He's worn out and I am thrilled.

Lindsay made a lasagna dinner, so Mike and Lindsay will be swinging by in a bit to have dinner with me! They are too kind :)

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  1. You are amazing. The best, most honest blog I know, and it gives us an update of your journey, the trials and the joys.
    Love, Dad