Monday, March 5, 2012

First Day Back!

My first class came in and got to work with me hardly opening my mouth. Students from that class and others approached to give me a hug and other than saying, "Gentle, gentle" before they hugged me, I was surprised to turn around and see a classroom at work without my prompting. The next two classes were similar, but they are always a little noisier after lunch anyway.

In each class I showed them the diagrams below and talked about what happened and where I was during the last 2.5 weeks. I joked that I wished I could have shown them a nice tan from a tropical vacation, but that's definitely not where I'd been.

Next, we talked about the modifications we'd have to make within the classroom. One routine I've worked hard to employ all year had to be completely reversed today and it killed me. I ask the students to raise their hand and I will come to them, rather than have a stampede of students coming toward me all day long. Well, now they have to come to me in a seat somewhere in the classroom.... it's already proven to be a hard adjustment for them, but even more so for me!

Even though we didn't get the snow day, we still had a good day. Tomorrow may be completely different, but today's behind us.

The doctor's appointment went well, too! My INR is at a 2.6 and my hemoglobin level is good. The doctor was thrilled with my INR. He also showed me some light exercises I can do to keep my muscles in my neck from atrophying during this sore and stiff time. I'll go back again on March 17th at 9 AM.

It's now 5:39 PM and I am ready to crash. Time to put up my feet :)


Thank yous!!!

A HUGE thank you to Wanda and Vicki for your help in planning and teaching for the last few weeks! What would I have done without your help and friendship? I can't even imagine. Thank you for the hospital and home visits AND meals, too! You both are such wonderful people and have certainly blessed us with your calm, can-do attitudes! 

Thank you to Liz, Kristin, and Faith for stepping up to the plate, too. You guys rock!

Thank you to Judy for her taxi services to the doctor today and for the many times this year and last year! We appreciate your help in the afternoons!!!!

Thank you to Lynn for dinner tonight! We're excited!

Thank you to everyone who's been praying and thinking about the two of us! We're so fortunate to have so many loving people in our lives. We look forward to giving you big hugs the next time we see each of you! 


  1. YAY! You've been in my prayers all day...and Grandma's and even Aunt Lizzy's (we found out by mail today). I'm so glad the kids are so cooperative. You trained them well.

    1. I've felt the prayers! The first two days have been so smooth... it's almost eery! Love you.

  2. I'm proud of you. First days back are very difficult. It's close to having the first day of the year all over again. Sorry you had to change your routine. Once you find something that works so well, it's maddening to have to change it. Glad you had a good day. :)

    1. It IS very close to having a first day all over again! And yes, it is maddening, which is why I had trouble sticking to it today! I cannot wait to hear about your science event! :)