Friday, July 1, 2016

Adventure Seekers

Recently I've been scrolling through old pictures. It's good for me to do that. Life, for me, needs to be documented in pictures. Just like with songs bring back memories, and smells transport me to different places, so, too, do pictures.

Sometimes it's easy for me to get lost in the current season of life. The season of dirty diapers, nap times, and early bedtimes. I LOVE so much of this season. I like the down times in the afternoon and late evening, but the time limitations and adventure limitations with young children are real things.

As I scrolled through our old pictures I was reminded of the things we used to do. We used to be spontaneous, adventure-seekers, vacation planners, and more. Recently I think I started to follow a false notion that we don't really do exciting things. But we did and do. Right now it just looks different.

When I shared this with Jim he said, "We'll do them again! We'll do them with our kids! In a few years there will be no stopping us!" And this is why I married this guy (among many reasons).

Residency and young children years are only a season. I'll savor this season right now, for all the glory that it is. And I am sure I will look back and long for the days when a baby was sleeping soundly on my chest (as Owen is right now).

We've still got the adventurous itch. We have the bug. And I am pretty sure that's one thing that no season can take out of our bones.

A little walk down memory lane... the adventures we documented, for there were far more that aren't included.

The month we started dating, my sister and I showed Jim a waterfall near our house. This was in December- yes, it was freezing cold!!!
College Spring Break trip to Seneca Rocks and we bouldered near Gandy Creek.
Winter Break backpacking trip during college. We spent a week backpacking directly after an ice storm. Coldest week of our lives. We still say that we had the best nap EVER when we returned. We had no idea how exhausted we were.
We spent four months apart while I worked at Teton Science Schools in Kelly, Wyoming.  That summer I summited The Grand Teton & Mt. Teewinot. Jim traveled to Mexico, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands. At the end of that summer, Jim flew out and met me and then we drove back across the country, stopping at three incredible national parks.
Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, and The Grand Canyon.
Coolest backpacking trip EVER. The Narrows in Zion National Park.

Sunset over the Grand Canyon.
While there we accomplished probably the most spectacular physical feat we'll ever do. We hiked down the entire Grand Canyon and back up in one day. It was hot, it was intense. and we did it.
This picture was taken shortly after Jim asked me to marry him at the waterfall in the first picture.
And then that same canoe carried us away from our wedding, to our getaway car.
We spent out honeymoon at St. Johns in the Virgin Islands. We kayaked across and snorkeled at an incredible location across the way. Jim said it was comparable to the snorkeling he's done in the Galapagos! We did it again.

He has a knack for finding small critters and wildlife.
Honeymoon hike. We both agree that our honeymoon probably had a little too much adventuring and not enough relaxing. When we're in an incredible location, it's hard to just sit on a beach!

We moved to Louisiana and spent tons of time kayaking in Lake Martin. Jim had a scare with this guy. To this day I still think I see gators in the local ponds.
Not our typical adventure scenario, but we're glad to have experienced Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Rock climbing at New River Gorge.
Hiking in Alaska.
And an overnight kayaking trip across Kachemak Bay near Homer. SO beautiful! Puffins, sea otters, bald eagles.

Hiking all around our beautiful area in Virginia.

 Our phenomenal trip to Maine (even with my neck injury it's still one of our favorite vacations).
 LOBSTER! Which I am now allergic to. Womp, womp.

Adventure will come again.

Right now it just looks a little different.

But mark our words, it will come again.


Here we go, we're on our way :)

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