Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward!

It's always hard to get used to skipping an hour. Our internal clocks just can't quite adjust and it's hard to get up while it's still dark. The students seemed a bit more drowsy today, too. And it's a Monday.

Even still, today wasn't a droll Monday for us...

Remember our campfire area?
Our landlord and the grounds guy, Travis, decided to mulch some of the areas around our property that don't grow much grass. One of those areas just happened to be our backyard! And, since we have a fire pit in our yard, they decided that we should have some gravel, instead of mulch, in case of a wayfaring spark landing in the mulch. Therefore, Travis spent the entire day hauling small boulders from the woods with a wheelbarrow and over to our yard.

On this Monday I came home to a new and improved, beautiful backyard! It may be difficult to see, but there is a ring of boulders encircling some gravel (more is coming later...the circle is not quite complete). He also added boulders to our little pathway to the back porch, that Jim started last year.

How exciting! It pays to be good friends with the grounds person! He comes by often with his pup, Mack, to talk to us (mostly Jim, since I'm often still at school) and to let the boys socialize.

We hope something added a spring to your step today, too!

Thank you to Regina for a tilapia dinner today! We've really appreciated all of the meals over the past few weeks. We're humbled by your generosity.

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  1. Wow, what a cool addition to your fire area! I love the idea of natural rock and gravel. You have a wonderful outdoor place!