Friday, February 24, 2012

Wise Words...

... from a wise cousin-in-law in Berlin. Love you, Georg!

"So maybe - besides the pain and the danger you were (hopefully not: are) in - being sick's a possibility to calm down, look back and forth and see what you've already reached in life and by how much beauty you're sourrounded."

It has been a chance to stop and reflect. In twenty-five years I've gotten to do a WHOLE lot, try MANY different things, and go LOTS of different places. Thank you to Mom and Dad for making much of that possible and to teachers, professors, colleagues, and principals for pushing me to reach even farther than I thought I could. Thank you to Jim for having the same adventurous spirit and for working so hard right now to prepare for our future. This has been a time of contemplation and many emotions have reared, but I always come back to being thankful for where I am, who's prodded and pushed me along the way, and who I'm with. 

Jim says that this week is the first time since he's known me that I have actually relaxed and rested. Perhaps Georg's right... this is a season for reflection and a chance to observe the beauty around me.

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  1. Thank you, Georg. And thank you, Kathe and Jim. It is now Lent, and whatever your beliefs, a time of reflection, slowing down, contemplation, these are good things for the soul. To every thing, there is a season...