Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Catch-Up

This year Jim surprised me by asking if I'd like to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day. He called and made reservations and we went and had a DELICIOUS three-course meal at Bull & Bones in Blacksburg. That night he also surprised me by getting me some beautiful, Valentine's-Day-colored and Mountain Hardware leggings!!!

Little did we know that I'd only be able to wear them for one night before we checked into the hospital. Now that I'm HOME, these leggings proved to be the perfect gift. Warm and cozy and pinkish-purple... I love them! 

Know what else I love? SNOW! And it's snowing harder and harder outside. It's even started to stick! 

And they are calling for more than a few inches... Hooray! I'm sorry for my loving custodians at school who tell me that snow is one of the worst four letter words, but I am celebrating the fact that it is coming down and actually sticking around.

I'll consider the snow another Valentine's Day gift!

I hope you're warm and cozy today, too.

Health update: The most frustrating thing about this whole deal is that I haven't felt better at all. My headache remains just has bad as it was when this all began. Even the pain medicines don't help. At least we know why I have it, though. Jim's giving me my lovenax (sp?) shots every 12 hours, and I'm taking coumadin every day. They say that I'll probably be on the coumadin for six months so that the clots will dissolve and hopefully my artery will repair or compensate with thinner blood-flow. 

So, I'll have to get another MRI and MRA later to see the status and progress of my recovery. The neurologist and family physician will check in with me though out this time. Later we'll know just how much this will effect my life. Hopefully there will be a full recovery! The stats say that 75% of people recover just fine. That's all we know, folks :)


  1. Nice legs. Now, just pair them with an xl tie-dyed t-shirt, knotted at your hip, and put your hair in a side-ponytail, and you're ready for a New Kids on the Block concert. ;-)
    I love how fashion just comes right around again.
    Even pink leggings. :-)
    Glad that you're home. Sorry that you're not feeling better, though.
    Love you!

  2. Your leggings are PERFECT! Great color, and very cozy.
    I just realized that my computer hasn't been letting me leave comments---so I'll sum up here. So sorry that you've been under the weather. It sounds like a rough road. Bet your pup was certainly glad to have you back home for cuddling.

  3. MO, I think you have one of those I can borrow! :)

    Shayne, thank you! It's nice to be home.

    Reading back through it sounds like I was complaining... I'm sorry. I'm grateful that it's been figured out, that I have a med. student to talk me through it all, and that I have a warm house to come home to with pups and snow :)

  4. Oh my gosh! You don't sound like you're complaining at all! And even if you were, you have every right to! I'll be sure to get that tie-die in the mail for ya! (And I'm actually jealous of your new pants. They are very cute!)
    love you!