Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm very much like my grandparents in that I absolutely love checking the mail. I can remember visits with them from throughout my childhood, when they would systematically find out when the mailman arrived. Yes, they lived in a house a fair distance from the road, but they always kept the view to the mailbox clear. They would carefully schedule and place items to be mailed out in the box with the flag up and then they would wait and check with their binoculars if the flag had been lowered. If it had, we'd go on a walk to get the mail and then, sometimes, meander back to the house on one of their trails.

I have this same excitement about checking the mail, even if it is just bills and catalogs. Well, Jim didn't check the mail yesterday and I was a little bummed. Normally I pick him up from work and I, without fail, stop to get the mail. Jim's got some different genes, that's for sure; mail isn't a big priority for him. So, no mail yesterday.

Well, today I decided to venture out of the house on a short walk with my hubby. Where did I decide to go? You guessed it, the mailbox! And you all certainly did not let me down...

And a visit from Wanda brought more. Janet, the business teacher at school, put together a beautiful flip-video of my 6th graders, which I wish I could share on here. Watching my students brought tears of joy and warmed my heart. Such a thoughtful gift!

Thank you to Kiah for dinner tonight! Yum!

We've got so much to be thankful for. As the rain sprinkled outside, I felt showered in love on the inside.


Health update: not much to say! I might be imagining it, but I think that the headache was lighter today. The walk felt good, but I may have pushed too hard, as the headache is going strong now. A reminder to take it slow...

Jim had a free clinic practical experience today and, once again, he came home beaming. It's so great to see his hard work paying off in these Friday experiences. He's going to be such a great doctor!

Oh, and both of the girls I was conditioning for soccer try-outs made the team today!!! I'm thrilled for them :)

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  1. FYI: In true form, our card to you is 1/2 done and has been sitting on our buffet all week. I just wanna make sure you still get some mail love NEXT week ;)