Sunday, February 5, 2012

Resume Some Normalcy

It's 5 o'clock on Superbowl Sunday and we're settling down. The past few weeks have kept us on our toes and we are finally feeling our stride again. It feels good.

After a few weeks of waiting, borrowing cars, waiting, returning cars, waiting and borrowing cars again, we once more have a mode of transportation that is stable and our own. When you're a one-car family, it's amazing what turmoil can be caused in your lives by a lack of transportation.

We were extremely close to purchasing a car after eight, full hours at the dealership. We had test-driven, discussed, compared, and settled before grabbing some lunch and running home to check some reviews. The car was going to be ours. As we headed back to the dealership I remembered (delayed and far too many hours late) that a coworker still had her VERY nice car and it would cost less than the one we were heading back to purchase! That was it- we both immediately relaxed those knots in our stomachs. Her car was the car for us.

It's a Volkswagon Passat (stationwagon) and it is beautiful, perfect, and we still can't believe it's ours. Rather than trade our trusty Subaru in, as we had been told to do, we brought it home and dropped it off at a trustworthy shop for a second opinion. Perhaps we will have a second car, yet!

Today we payed the rent, hauled off the recycling, dropped our Subaru off at the shop, took the dogs to the dog park, and picked up some groceries. But tonight we're ready for some relaxation and fewer knots in our stomachs.

So, the fact that we don't really watch or enjoy football as much as the average American doesn't bother us today. Jim surprised me when he wanted to grab some food and some rabbit ears and watch the game tonight. He's been upstairs setting up for our viewing experience for a while now and when I thanked him he said, "It's time to resume some normalcy in our lives."

And I couldn't agree more!

We'll sit back, munch and graze, enjoy the commercials, and root for both teams... enjoy your evening!


  1. So glad I read your post just before the game starts. Gives it another healthy perspective. Just some entertainment in busy, vital, sometimes stressful, lives.
    I am so happy to have my laptop and some stuff to work on in Belle Prater's Boy while monitoring the game and of course the commercials!
    Enjoy your Passat--good decision!
    Love, Dad

  2. Congratulations! Car stuff can be so exciting, yet also extremely frustrating. My dream mom car was to obtain a Volvo station wagon, and I think your Passat comes close! Very cute.