Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras

Two years ago today we followed this bunch as they begged for ingredients for their Fat Tuesday gumbo!

We also went to New Orleans and met-up with Davis, a good friend from HSC who was/is studying medicine at Tulane. Davis challenged us to a bead-collecting competition at one of the parades:

After we got back to his apartment, we counted up the loot and I was the winner. I believe there were 120 strings of beads around my neck! Come to think of it, perhaps that day was the root of my neck issues... just kidding!

Today's nothing like the day we had two years ago. First off, we don't get a week of vacation to celebrate! I wouldn't be missing any school, if that was the case. And secondly, I'm not wearing any beads. Mind you, I have MANY in a bag in the back of my closet, which I would have worn if I went to school today.

I have kept very positive about this whole situation, but I must admit I broke down a bit last night. I decided to finally just lie in bed and listen to music on Pandora in order to fall asleep. Music is definitely my best medicine. But when "Blackbird" came on, I broke down into tears. It has such a deep meaning for my family and some tough times we've been through. I think I just needed a good cry. The shock of the situation wore away and I felt the pangs of reality.

The pain medicine I took before bed must have really kicked in because I slept better than I have for a while and I actually slept in a bit. I took another one this morning and felt very drowsy, as they said I would. The doctor gave me a note to stay home from school until Monday (2/27).

So on this Shrove Tuesday I will indulge in music, since it's been something I've been neglecting. But I won't be giving it up- it's therapy. 

A visitor is coming by this afternoon and I'm looking forward to that. The dogs have been good company, but I do miss people!


  1. Glad you had a therapeutic cry. Seriously...the what ifs in your life right now are terrifying and the THANK GODs are numerous. Still, you're a rock star and you're body is gonna do what it always does... become the STATE CHAMPION OF ARTERY (or fill-in-the-proper-term) HEALING. Maybe I'll even make you a medal...

  2. Thanks, Jules! The crying definitely is therapeutic, at times.You brought a big smile to my face.