Friday, February 17, 2012

Hospital Time

We've been doing a lot of this,
The patient, loyal husband sticking by and studying, too :)

 and this during the past few days.

Thank you for the prayers and well wishes! 
I am so fortunate to have so many caring and loving people in my life. 

Long story short- I have a arterial disection and I'm on blood-thinners to prevent a blood clot from traveling from my neck up to my brain and to keep any more clots from forming. I'm stable and still have a horrible headache, but we're in good hands.

Here's an image Jim shared with me to help me visualize it!

Not sure when we can leave the hospital yet. They are continuing to monitor my levels.

Thank you to those who have stopped by (Willem, Mom!, Vicki, Wanda, Margaret, and Dave) and to those who have been praying and thinking about me! It's been so nice to see and catch up with people through texts, phone calls, skype calls, emails, and visits. 

Jim's been wonderful and by my side through it all. My sister sent me this picture today and it makes me smile every time. I miss my Leifster...

I'll be home before he knows it.


  1. Looks like a pretty nice room. I know it isn't ideal, but get some rest when you can, and keep your positive thoughts! You will have many river and shore moments, with Jim, family, friends, and dogs to look forward to!
    Love, Dad

  2. Oh Käthe, how crazy! I'm glad they figured it out and are aware of it though. Hopefully preventative measures can be taken to avoid any serious repercussions. Yikes! I'll be praying and looking for updates as you head (oops, no pun intended) home and hopefully feel better! <3