Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Modes of Support

Today I wrote about how much I love communicating with those from throughout my life in many different ways over the last few days. Well, this evening Vicki came from school with a WHOLE BUNCH of mail from my students...

Their letters wish me to get well soon, and tell me they miss me, and that it's really not the same without me there. There aren't too many jobs where you can receive 80+ letters in one day and I'm thankful for my students for taking the time to drop me a line. Thank you to the teachers who facilitated the writing of these cards, too! I'll be back before they know it.

In the left corner of the picture you will see a black, U-shaped neck pillow. Thanks to Dave G. for sending two with Vicki tonight! I'll get better sleep and relax more completely with this accessory. I heard more people at school brought pillows in, as well. Thanks for your support!

Again, I spent the day lying on a mat on my back listening to Pandora. It's the most comfortable thing for me to do. My neck was quite painful today, as well as my back and, of course, my headache. Leif, our pup, enjoys cuddling with me when I'm lying on the floor. He's been quite calm these days, when he would normally be begging for a walk or a hike. He must know...

I had two visitors today: Jessica (a teacher friend and wife of a 4th year at VCOM) and Vicki (Gifted Resource Teacher). It was nice to have some social interaction today! I'm so grateful to you both for stopping by.

Thank you to Vicki for dinner tonight! We have enough leftovers for tomorrow's dinner, as well. We're going to need that recipe!

At 9 AM tomorrow morning I have my next doctor's appointment. Hopefully the coumadin has kicked in and the shots can stop- a girl can dream, right?

One week ago we were still waiting to be checked into our hospital room... crazy. There are so many ways that we've seen, heard, and felt your support over the last week and we are truly overwhelmed and humbled by it all. We sincerely thank you. Good night, everyone!

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