Saturday, February 18, 2012


We've been reunited and it feels so good!

It turns out that he did panic while we were gone...

We've been told that he might have wanted to make tea, and that we'll need to replace our baking soda and paprika, among other things. Even while we've been home he got into a sack of potatoes and a bag of rice. He's used to being with us if we're home. So, when we took a nap and left the gate up, we obviously were not thinking about the pup who loves people. He's much like his owner in that way...

They checked us out of the hospital late in the morning. I'm so thrilled to be in normal clothes. And while my headache has never taken a leave of absence, we're relieved that we know the cause and that we're out of danger. 

It's good to be home!

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