Thursday, March 3, 2016

Life & Visits

While life has been fairly simple with cuddles, diaper changes, and nursings, it's seemed so busy and full during these first few weeks. We've had Jim's mom here for a week, then one week of normal family life, and now Jim's sister is here for a few days. Here are a few photos to capture some of Owen's early weeks and our new life as a family of four.

 Still in his scrub pants, Jim reads a story to Ian. We're trying to make sure we devote loads of time and attention to him, although he makes it fairly easy, since he loves to ask to be read to, played with, and sung to. He's very social.
 Somehow we all seem to end up on the couch together a lot. It's lovely.
 We're so grateful for our time with Gramee. Thank you for the meals, games, books, and love that you poured into all of us.

 We look forward to our next visit!!
 Owen continues to adore his sheepskin. We just love this sleeping angel.

 From the very beginning he responded to the sound of my voice and would turn his head toward me. Lately he's really been catching my eyes and gazing into them for long periods of time. It's the sweetest, most heart-warming experience. Oh, my heart... being a mama is the best.

 One day Ian and I made something with peanut butter and honey and I let him lick the spatula. He was covered in both from his forehead to his chin, but boy was he happy!!!

 Life's included a lot of really sweet sibling moments. Most of them include Ian asking to hold Owen, which is wonderful. He's very gentle and immediately wants to hand him off as soon as he fusses, "Owen's upset."

 This was a sweet moment... those guys...

 I've been placing Owen on a blanket on the floor sometimes, while Ian and I are playing in the same room. Owen is very content to lie on his back and watch the world around him. Overall he's a very content baby and enjoys having a few independent, quiet moments during the day.

If he fusses, there's always a reason... gas is normally the culprit.

Ian's very careful about staying off of the blanket, as he navigates the room. He walks around the blanket and even verbalizes, "We have to be careful around Owen." Yes, we do! Thanks, Son!
 Moments like this make me so happy. Two boys already "playing" independently in the same room together. Both content, both aware of the other's presence. Both feeling my presence in the same room. Both feeling known.

 His alert eyes just melt me. Such an aware, active, sweet little man.

"Easy like Sunday morning..."
We're looking forward to more mornings like this next week during Jim's vacation time :)
 I snapped a few pictures like this of Ian, when he was a baby, so I thought I'd do a couple this time, too. Ian came in and hopped into the photo :)
 Christine came for a visit and obliged me by taking a few (okay a TON) of pictures of me & Owen. Thank you for your patience and for taking a bizillion photos for me to choose from. Post to come.

This picture occurred during the photo shoot. Ian was playing happily with Leif for most of the time, but he came over for a kiss on his hand, when he got a scratch. All things can be solved so easily for a toddler. If only we could keep this innocence...
 We're so grateful that Christine chooses to spend her vacations from pharmacy school with us. She comes often enough that she knows most of our friends and Ian calls our guest room "Istine's room," even when she's not here. This visit she took Ian to hang out with my friends and their kids while Owen and I had a quiet morning at home. A blessing for both Ian and me.
 Owen loves her, too. And I think that the feeling is mutual.

There you go, a few snapshots into visits and daily life in the past couple of weeks.

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