Thursday, March 10, 2016

One Month Owen!!

One lightning fast month has gone by with this delightful little charmer! 
Owen David, you've captured our hearts and completely enamored your big brother. 
 We love every bit of you.
Aw, Mama... do we have to? 
You've slept most of the month away, as newborns tend to do. You never really had nighttime confusion and therefore slept most of the nights away with two or three hour stints between feedings. I haven't really watched the clock, though. You're gaining weight just fine and so I haven't really been monitoring how many times we wake up. It's been freeing and I feel very rested, most of the time!
 My chest is where you feel most content. We've barely been separated for the last month; I couldn't imagine being away from you. As long as you're being held, you're happy!
 Sometimes you enjoy lying on a blanket and watching the world around you. You're great at tummy time, able to lift your head far up off of the blanket. What a strong lad you are!!
 Mid-evening is your fussy time. Lately we've offered a pacifier during this time and you seem to like it, though we have to keep our finger on it to help it stay in place.
 You are so active and alert when you are awake. We can tell that you are already a curious fellow. You LOVE being outside, which thrills us. So many senses engage outside and we know that you'll grow to love it even more as you become more active.
 You make us so happy. We find it hard to believe you've only been here a month. You have certainly filled a void within our hearts we never knew existed. Ian loves checking on you, giving you things you need, and telling us when you're upset and "probly needs mama nook."
It's only happened a few times, but you have looked up and smiled at me. OH MY WORD. When you turn your eyes to meet my gaze and your face breaks into a smile, the whole world stops and we're the only ones in it.
 Your deep blue eyes draw me deeper and deeper each day.
 We can't wait to get to know you better, but let's just let the time go slowly. In time, your personality will be revealed and shaped. Your own physical characteristics will grow more pronounced and distinct from your brother's. Getting to know you and watch you grow will be our greatest privilege.
Darling, Owen David, we adore you.
 You love: hearing our voices, being on my chest, being outside, hearing the lullaby songs I sang to Ian during your time in my womb (they truly comfort you!), being worn in the carrier, and sleeping on your sheepskin.
Happy One Month, Owen David!!

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