Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Bath!

Today's been such a lovely, lazy morning. Last night Jim and I (& Owen) went to a wedding about an hour away and didn't get home until late, and then hung out with Phoebe chatting about the evening. We stayed up late, much later than we usually do. This morning we had a super laid back breakfast and haven't really gotten off of the couches and chairs since. It's been lovely.

The morning in this picture was similar... excuse the messy, unwashed hair. It's true to what I look like in real life these days. Ian drinking his "nooki" (milk), me cuddling with Owen, and trying to ease into the day loving each other well.
 This may really gross some people out, but Owen never had a bath until after he turned one month old. We are those people in the hospital who ask that our children not be given a bath as soon as they are born. It's good for babies in so many ways to have the vernix on their skin longer. Not necessarily a month longer, but certainly not removed during the first day.

We had every intention of giving Owen a bath on day two (as we did Ian- as a first-time mother I felt like I had to do the "right" things) but he was so clean looking, smelling, and sweet that we decided to wait. Being born in the midst of winter, a bath would be cold and perhaps even dry his skin out. He wasn't dirty and he was cleaned in his nether regions during each diaper change, so we decided to wait.

Even when I gave him a bath at a month old, I didn't think he really needed it. Poor second child. If he could speak, I think he would have thanked me, though.

When he did get a bath, it was a family affair. Jim with the camera, Ian watching and helping, we gave Owen his bath as a right of passage. For the first time ever, I placed a towel on the floor of the bathtub and used our new shower-head to bath him, allowing the water to pool around him about an inch.
 For the most part he was fascinated and interested in the sensation of the water on his extremities and trunk.
 Incredibly adorable, the rest of us marveled at him.
 Ian was patient and attentive to Owen's expressions.
 He even helped me run the water over his arms and legs, belly and chest.
 Those brothers...

And soon it was over and he was bathed. His first bath ever.
Fully alert and aware.
This picture makes it look like he is lacking in the hair department, but he certainly has hair!

So much love for this little, squeaky clean babe.

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