Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Darndest Things, Part 2

Let's talk a little about this kid (since it never happens on this blog). Kidding, kidding.
It is just fascinating to hear children develop their understanding of the English language.
 "That make me feel better" or "That's more better" or "I feel better, Mama." Ian says these words after he gets hurt and gets a kiss or a piece of ice. This happened after Ian was born that he needed one of those two things. I think it was a combination of different caretakers helping and his understanding of what also makes things feel better. It's so sweet to hear him explain that he's better... everyone can calm down now, as if we ever get very freaked out in this doctor's family (sincere sarcasm there). Ha!!
 Friday Eggs. One of my favorite things he says has to be "Friday eggs." That's what he calls fried eggs!! The first time he ever said it was on a Friday, so it made me chuckle even more. I think fried eggs are now and forevermore going to be called "Friday eggs" in our family.
 You see dat, Mama? "Dat way, way back there." Before Owen was born, we switched Ian's carseat from the middle seat to one of the outside seats. I explained that he would be able to see out of the window much better and that he could sit next to his baby. For weeks Ian talked about how great it was to be able to sit next to the window and look out the window. Almost everyone we met got to hear about his great new spot in the car.

He really enjoys pointing things out to me, whether it's a cow, motorcycle, "fruck" (truck), or even a round-and-round (concrete truck). Sometimes I don't see it in time and he explains that it was "Dat way, way back there. On dis side." It's so fun to be able to talk about things with him in the car. He's always very observant.

One time someone ran a stop sign in front of me. Fortunately, I saw and stopped but I exclaimed something and then had to explain to Ian that what the man was doing was not safe, because he was so curious about what happened. Since then he will sometimes say, "Stop guy!!" And it always refers to that experience in the Kroger parking lot. I don't remember saying that, but perhaps that's what I exclaimed!!

"When Owen gets bigger and I get smaller!" We talk a lot about the things that they will be able to do together when Owen gets bigger. Ian brings it up, mostly, and is obviously excited about the prospect, but understand that it can't happen right now. "Right now Owen too little?" Yep, it won't be long in our adult timeline, but I am sure that it feels long for him. It always makes me chuckle when he talks about getting smaller... hmm. That would certainly be interesting, but it won't happen until you're much older, Sweet Boy ;)

Yesterday, as we were sitting down to breakfast, I asked Ian what he would like to pray for, as we usually do. Ian said, "For Owen to get big like me." Welp, melt me into a puddle. I hope and pray that these boys grow to become good buddies.


  1. The love and respect you show both Ian and Owen will have a lasting influence on their lives as they grow into men. A wonderful outcome for all!

  2. The love and respect you show both Ian and Owen will have a lasting influence on their lives as they grow into men. A wonderful outcome for all!