Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Five Week Owen

Our sweet Owen David is five weeks old today. The time is just soaring!! And this mama cannot keep up with the downloading of photos. These are actually from his four week birthday.

He's just a darling little guy. He loves to be cozied up to my chest and my heart. He's also very content to sleep on his belly and not-so-fond of being on his back or in a swaddle. He's certainly a sleep-sack kind of a baby.

Unfortunately he has a slight cold, so he is a bit stuffed-up, but he is still sleeping like a little champ in his co-sleeper. Jim made a wonderful co-sleeper for us and it has made life SO easy. I just roll over and bring him to my chest to nurse, then roll back and put him down to sleep without having to step out of bed. He immediately drifts back to sleep and so do I. It's incredible. And I get to sleep on my belly or however I want without worrying about where he is. It's amazing.
 He is SO STRONG. We make big babies, but apparently we also make little neck-lifters! Both boys have had super strong necks from the very beginning! Today, Owen was doing push-ups on my chest, rearing his neck back to get a better look at my face. It's remarkable to me that someone so young can be so strong. The makings of another active, athletic child.
As the second child, I'm sure he'll be rearing to go and keep up with Ian in no time. For now, he's resting and eating as much as possible to make that happen ;) 

I love getting to observe them interact and then watch them play independently. 
 He really enjoys being outside. Who wouldn't? This weather has been amazing. It's obvious that his senses are heightened as he turns his head to listen to sounds and as he feels the wind kiss his cheek. I hope that his love for the great outdoors only grows with time.
 His eyes dart everywhere as he takes in the world around him. He's quite an alert and observant lad already. Those baby blues are so deep and beautiful. I get lost in them and wish I could halt the rest of life and just stare into them all day long.
Owen really responds to music. I can feel his whole body relax when I start singing one of the songs I sang to Ian at night (I'll Fly Away, Down in the Valley, and even The ABCS, since that's one of Ian's requests at night). Coming from a family of musicians, it always thrills me when I see my children enjoy or respond to music. 

He does have a fussy time in the mid-evening, normally right when Ian's heading to bed and for the next hour or so. When he calms down, he normally hits a hard wall of sleep and stays out for most of the night. He wakes up only two or three times and lets me get into deep sleeps.

People keep commenting about how big he is. Jim said he saw a two month old in the office that was the same size as Owen. He's as small as he'll ever be for us, though. He's our darling baby. I am cherishing these days as much as I can. I love having him sleep on my chest and the chores can surely wait until other moments. These weeks have already flown far faster than I can fathom and I've been taking inventory every day on how much I've been intentional and present in the moment with both children.

Owen David, we love, love, love having you in our family. You are deeply loved.

Happy 5 Weeks, Blue Eyes!

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