Friday, March 25, 2016

Springtime Joys

I'm never one to wish the time away. I appreciate each season and weather change. This year, though, I am so happy for the switch to springtime weather. With an active two year old and a newborn baby, getting outside makes all of us so happy.

Springtime in our yard is wonderful. The weather is mild and pleasant and the mosquitoes haven't hatched yet. Days are getting longer and therefore the time to play outside can be extended to after dinner, as well as all day long. It's lovely.

Two nights ago Jim and Ian stayed outside planting our garden until it got dark. It was so sweet watching Ian tag along behind Jim for each bucket-load of mulch wood chips and dirt. Jim gave Ian small tasks and Ian requested to help; they both came inside so refreshed, windswept, and content. Hopefully this is just a snapshot of what they will do together in the coming years.

Spring, we're so glad you've come. You are welcome here. Make yourself at home.

The Postpartum-Stay-At-Home Mama,
Rugby-Playing-Working Papa,
Active-Outdoor-Loving Two Year Old,
and The Ever-Observing Six Week Old

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