Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March Stay-Cation

When we planned out Jim's vacation days for the year, we tried to stack most of them after Owen would be born. He was able to take a few floating days around his birth and the residency program was wonderful and amazing about covering and stepping in for us- thanks everyone!

But he hadn't had much paternity leave until last week. We scheduled a March vacation to ensure that he'd be around after the baby arrived and not before. And we knew that it would certainly be a stay-cation, since we didn't want to travel with a baby a few weeks old.

We had lots of family time and lots of chores to get done. We got lots of family time in, but somehow the time got away from us and our lists didn't quite get finished. 

Well, that and the chickens have given us a real-life "Chicken Run" movie experience of our own and new developments for our future led to lots of conversations and some stress.
 That said, overall we had a really nice week. We couldn't have asked for better weather! Seriously. Every day was full of sunshine and nice breezes. We wanted to spend every minute outside and mostly we did. Perhaps that's why nothing inside got done until the VERY last day, Sunday, when it rained!!
Ian's special escort into PMO. Dates for Mama & Papa & Owen.
Heritage Park:

Time at home:

One afternoon an airplane circled overhead for about ten minutes... a two year old's dream.
A dream filled with dirt and a shovel, too.
Pandapas Pond:

Making off with his large loot of rocks. ;)
Daily I am amazed and thankful for Ian's love for Owen. I had really prepared myself for the worst, but he is such a wonderful big brother. Owen was fussing and Ian started singing the ABCs, The Itst Bitsy Spider and Down in da Balley (as he calls it).
And our bath babe...
The final weekend of the vacation was full of friends. Friday night we went to dinner with friends at Glade Road Growing, a fun local farm's farm-to-table dinner. We also had a home rugby game, which is always fun for our family! Ian loves watching Papa play. Then we had a social with the rugby "family" at the pub before heading to a friend's for a cookout. It was a full day/weekend!

Time off and together was great, always an adjustment at first. It's so hard to bid vacation farewell at the end, but we are grateful for the time we had and the beautiful weather, too.

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