Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Darndest Things

The best things about parenting are the front-row seats we get to the life of our child. At this age, at least, we get to experience the full-throttled joys of his accomplishments and two year-old excitements, but we also are there to soothe the heartaches of social struggles, and the bumps and bruises of a toddler who doesn't slow down. Our kisses solve every problem and our smiles show him that we are there, we saw what he engineered, and we couldn't be more proud. Our corrections hurt more than anyones, but he knows that we will always scoop him up to comfort, listen, and begin again. We have the best seats in the house. And there's no way we're giving them up.

That's why it's hard to be apart! We want to see everything and hear every word. 

But this kid handles separation like a champ, we've learned. He's secure and confident, knowing that we'll always return. Going to the hospital was no different. We'd prepared, explained, and discussed the plan daily for weeks. 

In the end, our friend Barb came over for the night and brought Ian back to her house before her husband needed to go to work. Barb said that Ian wasn't phased by her presence and knew that we were at the hospital, almost as soon as he saw her. He knew. He understood. And he was strong. We'd be back.

Mom arrived that morning and brought him straight to the hospital. When she wasn't sure where exactly to go when they pulled up to the hospital, Ian told her. He knew where to go, since he'd come with me on the tour. We'd discussed how Äma would bring him to see us. He knew. He even knew the location and what the building looked like. That boy. My heart bursts. We are so proud.

So, here's a post all about him. A post about what he's saying lately. He says the cutest and darndest things. 

He's learning our language and so there are a few phrases that he says that just make us smile... I won't remember all of them, but I'll at least get some of them written down before they evaporate out of this mom's brain.
When he's hurt or has something to show you he says, "Look, I have..." He doesn't finish the sentence, he just wants to point out that he has something. "Look, look, look... I have..."
 When you have something that he would like to have he says, "Can you please just not have that?" Haha!
 Many sentences start with "You just..." For example, "You just need a drink, Mama?" Or, "Oh, Owen's just upset!" Or, "Leif just caught the ball, Mama!"
Another phrase he says is "We probly _______." For example, "We probly go home and have some lunch." Or, "Those monkeys probly climb the tree to rest."
One morning, while eating breakfast, he was trying to tell me something and I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about. After listening for a while I finally figured it out and said, "Oh, ________ is what you were saying?" He responded with, "Yes, that's what I'm talking about!!" He was so exuberant and excited in his response. To be understood & acknowledged is a lifelong desire, isn't it? I just loved the way he had his own phrase with the same meaning to match my response. It surprised me, really.
One of my favorite things he's said came this morning when he noticed that Jim has some stubble under his beard on his neck. He said something like, "Look, look, you have..." and rubbed Jim's neck.  And then he said, "You have a beard so you can play rugby, Papa?" 
Hmm, interesting logic. And oh so funny!

Another wonderful thing about parenting is having someone to share the joys, the sayings, the challenges, laughs, and tears with you. Daily we debrief the day, sharing stories in front of Ian if he's still awake when Jim gets home, or showing videos and photos long after he's gone to bed. The darndest things happen in parenting, too. We need all the support we can get from each other.

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