Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Introducing Owen David!!

Meet the newest darling member of our family...

"Hello World!! My name is Owen David Barlow. Owen means powerful warrior, noble, & well-born and David means beloved & friend. I am named Owen after my maternal great grandad and great uncle. It's the name of my first maternal ancestor to arrive in America from Wales. I share David as a middle name with my papa and my great paternal uncle. I am certainly a beloved son."

Owen David
8 lbs. 12.8 oz., 21.75 inches
February 10, 2016 at 6:11 AM
Head Circumference 13.5 inches

I am currently working on his birth story and it's almost done!! His birth was one of redemption for me and a truly humbling experience and blessing. I'm in awe of the whole birth process and am so grateful that we were able to have a fully natural birth. The birth and recovery were remarkable.

The birth team consisted of Jim (my wonderful husband and support), Joi (our dear friend and doula), & Dr. Hudgins (my favorite OB in the practice who just happened to be on call that night)!!

This birth was so different from my first in so many ways. I promise not to leave you hanging, if you're actually interested in the birth story... it's coming!!

Oh Sweet Owen, 

One week ago today we welcomed you into our lives. It's unbelievable to me that a week of knowing you has already come and gone. Every moment I still marvel at the opportunity to be your mama. I am so humbled by your complete trust. From the very first minutes after you entered the world, you responded to the sound of my voice. Turning your head to find the source of my voice, you melted my heart. You knew me and my heart knew you.

It feels like you have always been with us. Your presence completes our family. You were with us for this last nine months of pregnancy, of course, but you had a place in our hearts and family long before the positive pregnancy test. Our hearts were made to love you; this was clear from the minute we held you for the first time, heard your cry, and saw your darling body. 

You are currently sleeping on my chest as I type this. Tears stream down my face as my heart burns with love, joy, and adoration for you. Every once in a while your dreaming face breaks into a smile and I am desperate to know what you are thinking. One day you'll express it to me just like Ian does now.

You like to find your fingers to suck on. You love to snuggle on our chests. You sleep and sleep and sleep. You eat and soil your diapers just like you should. The lactation consultant gave both of us an A plus because you are nursing so well and have gained weight that's almost unheard of! On Sunday you weighed 8 lbs 12.1 oz, even though we had been discharged from the hospital on Friday with 8 lbs 8 oz (newborns typically lose weight and then take a little while to get back to their birth weights- not our Owen David).

Yesterday we had your newborn appointment with the pediatrician and she said that you looked perfect! Your weight was 9 lbs which puts you in the 82.84th percentile!!! Woo!! Your height was 99.58th percentile!  Your head circumference is 13.75, which comes in at the 46.99th percentile (this surprised me because Ian was about the same and his percentile was much higher. I'll have to check the numbers). Your weight to length comparison chart (BMI) has him in the 2.56th percentile. You are tall and lean :)

I love watching your Papa hold you. His eyes are filled with such joy. His arms strong, he seems capable of protecting you from anything in this world. He's a great papa. You are going to learn so much from him. Ian adores him and I know you will too.

We savor every moment with Ian and we savored his infancy, but I am so aware of how fast the time goes by and that these sweet cuddles don't last forever. I'm not taking one snuggle session for granted. You bring so much light, joy, and warmth into our lives, little one.

We love you to the moon and back. And we love kissing the crown on the top of your head, as one of our favorite children's books reads.

Mama (Papa, & Ian)

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