Friday, February 19, 2016

Phone Photos of Week One

I think I'll be adding phone photos posts every now and then, since it is easiest for downloading. I will be uploading pictures from the first week sometime today, with better photos from our good camera. Here are some shots that only happened with the phone from our time in the hospital through today.
 Owen's first night...
 Owen's second morning...

 Day Two

 Home from the hospital and in his co-sleeper for the very first time!

 Valentine's Day- Owen's due date!  He loves the sheepskin from Aunt Christine.

 The few times Ian hops up for a cuddle near baby Owen make my heart leap!

 Our Valentine's Date- watching a movie while snuggling with our newest love. The best Valentine's gift ever.
 Monday is a snow day! Papa doesn't have to go into work. Gramee & Grandpa start their drive toward us :)

 First Newborn Well-Child Check with Dr. Kozar

 One Week Old

 Gramee stays with us for the week!

 Papa gets home before 5 and Ian & Gramee are out grocery-shopping. It's an Owen cuddle-fest date!

 One week, One Day

 It's been a week full of sweet Owen cuddles. I wouldn't have it any other way. Yesterday Ian rubbed Owen's head for the first time while we were reading books. It was so very sweet. And before he went to bed he sang in a sing-song voice "Goodnight Owen" over and over again.

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