Monday, February 1, 2016


38 weeks pregnant, we are down to weeks (or maybe even days) until we meet our sweet little one. 

Ian, will always be our first "baby" and I will always be a sucker for cuddling him or giving him hugs. He woke up from his nap today needing a little extra attention and asked to be picked up. We embraced for a good ten minutes or so and I savored the time I could devote to just him, for as long as he wanted.

Before the snuggle session was over, I managed to snap a few pictures. I love this one. It's entitled "Babe on Babe." I know, I know... part of my belly is showing. This shirt normally manages to cover it completely, but Ian managed to hike it up a bit while I was holding him. It's just getting so BIG and bowling ball-like!!

So, here is my 38 week, 1 day belly in all of its glory:
 It will be a long time until Ian's allowed to "sit" on his baby brother or sister again... 
might as well enjoy it now ;)

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