Friday, February 26, 2016

Week Two (Phone Photos)

When Ian was born, we did not yet have a smart phone. I carried our nice camera with me and tried to snap pictures. Inevitably, I didn't capture as many images out and about as I would have liked because it was cumbersome to carry our camera. I am still taking pictures of Owen with our nice camera often, but it's easier to capture the day-to-day outings and quick moments with my phone. So, here's another phone photo post :)

The snow was still here in the beginning of the week, but it has since left. 
 I just love baby-wearing.
 This boy is a fantastic sleeper, but he also has wonderful periods of awake time. I cannot get enough of his beautiful blue eyes.

 Our first family outing happened last Sunday. We went to the Huckleberry for a nice walk. Jim was slightly limping from rugby practice and I didn't want to push it, so we meandered and chatted. Ian snacked. Owen slept soundly.
 I love this picture of Ian playing blocks with my legs and Owen sleeping. This is our new life!!
 Jim and Ian have had a lot of good time together. Ian's gone with Papa to get a haircut, hang out with friends and to watch his basketball game. Right now they are outside gathering sticks, sawing logs, throwing the ball for Leif, and doing whatever else it is that guys do. It is SO cold outside, but that's not stopping them today.
 This kid and I have been almost inseparable since his birth. He loves to be on my chest or in my arms and I am happy to oblige.
 Why can't we keep the ability to sleep like a baby?! It's such a lovely skill.

 Alert Owen and holding Papa's finger while we watched a movie.
 See, back on my chest ;)
 Lynn, my MOPS mentor mom and friend, came to visit one day this week and that was wonderful. She read with Ian, she played, she held Owen while I got a few chores done. She's a gem.
 Baby-wearing is seriously wonderful. Ian feels loved as I engage with him outside and Owen listens to my heartbeat, snug on my chest. It's the ultimate double-tasking.
 After many discussions about not throwing a ball around Owen, Ian beckoned me into the kitchen and said, "Just roll it, Mama. We just have to roll it." So sweet. And so we did.

The picture next to it is of Moosey, the animal, with our baby "Moosey." Ian named our baby in the womb after this stuffed animal.

  Ian sat down on the couch with me and said, "I take a photo with you, Mama?" Yes, please! I will certainly oblige. He proceeded to put his hand under my chin, as a hug/check to make sure my mole is still there. He is very attached to checking on my mole and it's often a very sweet interaction. I wonder if Owen will be interested in it, as well. Time will tell...

 It's been so cold outside, but that doesn't stop this duo. Sticks and sunshine are all they need :)
 Bath-time fun and a shot of the baby in the mirror, just like a few of my pregnancy photos.
 And the bath-duty buddy. Life's a little harder for solo nights without Jim around, but we are managing!!
 Today's cuddles after his 2 week appointment. He weighed in at 9 lbs 12 oz... he's growing so fast! That's one pound heavier than his birth weight already!
 A common question around here is if Ian can hold Owen. I love that he's taking such a great interest in Owen now AND he is so very gentle and concerned and caring. What a great big brother he is!!
That's a wrap of Week 2's phone photos. A real post to come... one day.

P.S. Blogging is getting harder and harder!! Eek! I want to keep it up and document everything!

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