Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

This wonderful lady turns 90 today!!!
Me: Pointing to this picture, "Who is this, Ian?"
Ian: "That's Gigi."
Oh, how I wish I could be there to celebrate this monumental day with her! Tonight there's a birthday party for her up in northern Pennsylvania and I hope that she feels completely surrounded by love and the comfort of family & friends surrounding her.

If we weren't waiting patiently for a certain baby to be born, I'm sure Ian and I would have traveled up there with my dad this past weekend. We'll certainly have to celebrate later!

Grandma is a wonderful woman with a huge, huge heart. She loves her family deeply, always speaking fondly of her children and grandchildren. She never, ever met a stranger. No matter where we were, she could always put the people around her at ease and find something to chat with them about. She loves naughty jokes, often waiting to tell them until after the youngest members of the family weren't within hearing. A music enthusiast, she enjoyed playing flute duets with my grandpa and singing in many different choirs over her lifetime.

Aunt Beth wrote this article for the local paper to celebrate her on this 90th birthday! She did a wonderful job capturing her.

Ian: "Look, Gigi has a ball. She have glasses on her eyes."
Happy, happy birthday, Grandma!!
We love you dearly.

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