Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

Today is a very rainy day, but I don't have the blues as in sadness. No, I have the blues of my beautiful new pair of Five Fingers, camp chair, our fleeces, and the blue of the words on my coffee cup. This morning we slept in, ate a yummy fried eggs breakfast, Jim mailed off the taxes, and when he returned we went for a glorious walk in the RAIN.

Giving my Five Fingers another go for a hike, we plodded off down the path behind our house, followed the road down to cross another road, and met the path down to the watering hole. Except, rather than actually find the watering hole, during our second attempt, we took a fork in the trail and followed the stream-bed in which we could view multiple waterfalls along our route. It was a wonderful, wet, and muddy trek. The Five Fingers faired incredibly well. The mud was nothing for my ankles, as I could feel exactly where I was stepping and not have to adjust my footing to the range of my shoes or soles.

But the best part of the walk was yet to come. On our way back we decided to allow Leif to play in the water... free of the leash! We found a nice, sandy bank/beach and set him free. You would have thought we injected him with some sort of energy shot because I've never seen the boy so ecstatic. From running up and down the trail to crossing the stream, which was deep at parts, to slipping over rocks, he had a grand ole time! I think we know where to take him from now on :) Such a joy it was to watch our "baby" so happy!

When we got back home, he curled up in our (his) blue camp chair and has proceeded to nap. He's satisfied and that makes everyone happy in our household.

As I type, Jim is putting the finishing touches on his Aquaponics set-up. This has been a dream of his for the last 2-3 years, so he is so excited to see it come to fruition. I'll post pictures once it is complete. It is quite a site to see! I think he may have the coolest desk/bookself/study/garden set-up of any desk I will ever see. But, perhaps I'm partial.

Enjoy the rainy day!

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