Saturday, April 2, 2011


Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to go to New York City with my mother and some of the teachers from her school for an incredible conference. It's called the Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project and it's held at Columbia Teacher's College in the city. I got to sit in four sessions and listen to three of the biggest names in reading and writing education, and the best part was that I got to do it while sitting next to my mom :)

Other highlights from the weekend will have to come in bullet form because we just did SO much:

Thursday, 3/17:
- Sub plans- check!
- Drove to Waterloo to drop off our car
- Mom picked me up from Waterloo and I spent the night in Paris (VA)

Friday, 3/18:
- We hop in the car and head to Hill School to meet the other teachers
-10:30 we board the Megabus from near Union Station in D.C. and head to NYC, with one stop in Baltimore. We sat in the front seat of the second story of the Megabus, so it felt like we were riding on air! :)
- 2:30ish we arrive and head to our motel.
- Grab a few pieces of pizza
- Get in line at the TKTS booth to see if we can get a good deal on a broadway show. Mom and Jill chose to see a play, while Susan and I got tickets for "Mary Poppins!"
- Museum of Modern Art to see Picasso's Guitar exhibit- WOW!
- Hors'deurves (sp?) and drinks
- 8 PM- MARY POPPINS! The show was incredible- great effects, choreography, and nostalgic music, with some new and unfamiliar songs. Unfortunately I sat behind a few people who seemed to think that they were in their own living room and talked and sang along throughout the entire show. This was much to the chagrin of the people to my left and right who, fortunately, assisted me in trying to get these people to BE QUIET! How rude, really!
- Susan and I tried to hail a cab, but they were all taken. So, a kind man in a rickshaw offered us a ride and we accepted! How fun! It was a warm night and I great, memorable way to return to our hotel.

Saturday, 3/19: WORKSHOP DAY!
- Up early and grabbed a yummy breakfast and COFFEE, of course.
- Grabbed a cab (which had barcelona on the top- inside joke for the other teachers on the trip) and headed to the conference.
- Jon Sciezka (author of "Stinky Cheese Man," and "The True Story about the Three Little Pigs") was the keynote and he spoke of some stories from his life.
- Session 1: The incredible Lucy Calkins- importance of reading!
- Session 2: yawn... poor session about incorporating art into the classroom. NOT helpful, unfortunately. I was looking forward to getting a bunch of ideas (that I don't already have!)
- Session 3: Carl Anderson- Amazing session about conferring with students about their writing
- Session 4: Mary Ehrenworth- Fantastic fantasy discussion that is inspiring my future unit on fantasy!

The opportunity to be there was amazing! I would recommend it to any and all teachers of writing and reading.

- The Whitney Museum- Edward Hopper Exhibit, primarily.
- Chinatown- We ate at Joe's Shanghai (YUM!), Mom bought me my new favorite scarf (yay!), and a nice, long walk back to our hotel through the city.

Sunday, 3/21:
- I asked Mom to take me to the Brooklyn Bridge on our last day, so that I could relive the trek she used to take with me. It was really neat to actually walk across the bridge since she used to push me across in a stroller!! Fun morning with just the two of us <3
- Highline- we went and walked across the park that was created from an old highway bridge. Very neat!

Overall, the trip was a great break for me and it rejuvenated me, as far as my goals in the classroom. Four days away from my students was a blessing! It was so nice to spend time with my mom, too. First time since I got married that I had a long time with just her. It sure was enjoyable!

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