Saturday, April 2, 2011

Claytor Lake State Park

Two weekends in a row with my parents- I'll take it!

Last weekend I got to enjoy a really nice, relaxing weekend with both of my parents! Jim came and stayed with us in a cabin at Claytor Lake State Park on Friday night and then returned home to study and take care of the dogs. I stayed with my parents in the cabin for an extra night.

My dad has won the same raffle prize two years in a row! This was his second time earning two nights for free in any Virginia state park! He chose to spend it with us and I am so glad he did! We enjoyed a really nice walk throughout the trails with them and delicious meals, and some quality relaxing by the fire in our cosy cabin.

Love them both! It was a nice treat and neat to explore just a bit more of the area around us.

Fun fact: last year Jim and I stayed in a tent at Claytor Lake S.P. with our Uhaul, the night before we were allowed to move our stuff into storage! We had driven from Lafayette, LA to Auburn, AL, to spend time with the Larsons, and then drove from Auburn to Claytor Lake S.P. for our last night of the journey :)

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