Thursday, April 14, 2011

Five Fingers

Okay, I'm a believer!

I finally bit the bullet and got the Five Fingers KSO Multisport shoes, or as Jim and I call them, the "Toe Shoes!" I had always seen them and thought about how ridiculous they look, but was somewhat intrigued. But lately I've been hearing a lot about how doctors are prescribing them for their patients and when the REI dividend came, we decided it was time to try them out.

They came in the mail yesterday and I wore them around all night. I've heard that you need to wear them in small increments in order to adjust to them. Today we went on a short, 2 mile hike with the dogs on a trail across the road and I'm convinced that they were a great purchase! It's neat to feel the ground beneath you and be completely aware of the trail. It's true, my muscles are a bit sore, but I am hoping that they are strengthening my ankles! No more weak and twisted ankles, please!

So, don't judge me if I am wearing my "Toe Shoes" the next time I see you :)

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