Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

GREAT day!

walked the dogs.
made coffee and fixed up the homemade bagels we made yesterday for our on-the-road breakfast.
walked the dogs.
egg salad sandwich in the gazebo with Jim :)
walked the dogs.
lying in the hammock and reading.
walked the dogs.
incredible dinner with some new friends.
walked the dogs.
finished the "happy birthday" banner. (pictures coming when I find the cord, as well as the Easter egg banner I made yesterday)
walked the dogs.

*** That's a lot of walks for dogs! We sure must love 'em :)

Not to mention that yesterday we BOUGHT OUR TICKETS TO ALASKA! And we planned our summer! Woohooo, we can almost taste it. Now we just have to wait until June 17th to get started :)

Lots o' love!

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