Sunday, January 30, 2011

You've Got a Friend in Me

There's this energy, calmness, and security when you get the chance to just sit and talk to a good friend. I remember being on the phone when I was in high school or being with this friend and feeling this incredible connection. It was as though I had taken a huge load off each time I was able to talk to my friend. It was something new to me. I had never had a close friend before.

Since then I have been blessed with a few more friends who have this same ability and connection. One of them came to visit this weekend. I am so thankful for her. She is beautiful, wise, and calm.

She was so excited to go flat-footing at the Floyd Country Store and she got out there after just one song! We danced the night away doing the 3-step variations that a dear woman taught us. Yesterday we went for a short hike before it was time for her to head home and study for her biochemistry test on Monday. I am so thankful that she came and spent this time with me. It was a wonderful girls' night.

This picture was taken the day before our wedding.
We went canoeing with all of our friends who came up a few days before. It was a blast!
Thank you, Mere, for all you did to help us that week.

Thank you, Mere! You are incredible

p.s. Jim comes home at 1 AM! Counting down the time :)

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