Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trusty Subaru

We just LOVE our Subaru! We bought it from my uncle the summer we got married. They were so generous to sell it to us at a reasonable price, well more than reasonable... it was a steal! Two weeks ago, we watched the odometer cross into 200,000! And (knock on wood) she still runs well.

This car has seen us through the big move south, horrible potholes and road in Louisiana, and now the snow storms of being back in Virginia.

Today I was sent home early from the teacher work day, due to the horrible (beautiful! awesome... those are better words!) winter weather that had already arrived. As I attempted to climb the mountain from Shawsville to Christiansburg, with golfball-sized snowflakes coming down, the trusty Subaru made me feel safe.

With all-wheel drive and the warmth of my heated seat, I made it safely and snuggly home. I will now continue the grading and work I had planned to do today, but this time I will do it with the dogs snoring behind me, snow falling, and the comfort of knowing that I don't have to get back on the road. In case I did, I would trust the Subi.

This picture was of the Subaru on our way to Lafayette, Louisiana. July, 2009.

Thank you Uncle John and thank you Subaru!

Bring on the snow (perhaps 2-7 inches) :)

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