Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Benchmarks Smenchmarks

My students took the benchmark today. Though they did pretty well, I just get discouraged. Who says that a test on the computer with three passages is a good evaluation of student learning and growth?

That's all.

P.S. I miss Jim! He's making a difference in the lives of so many, though. So proud! Here's an excerpt from the email I received so far:
"I had a safe trip, though by the end of the day my body had just quit. I caught a couple hours on the Atlanta --> Tegucigalpa flight, but no bedtime until 9:00 or so. Today I feel much better. We shipped out in a couple of buses early this morning and set up in a clinic near town. It was a long day but really interesting. I neeeed to study my spanish for the next time. Luckily, our group had an interpreter and our resident doctor spoke pretty well also. It's especially tough to see suffering little kids and older folks. They just don't get the care that we enjoy, and it really takes a toll! Dean Sutphin said that we saw a record number of patients today, so it was good, despite my severe language barrier issues. Lots of good."

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