Monday, April 4, 2016

Stuff of Nightmares

One of the scariest days of my life was yesterday. I spoke far too soon in my last post and Owen came down with the stomach bug. He was sick through the night Saturday into Sunday and then most of the day. Breast milk wasn't staying down and diapers were bone dry.

His complexion was pale and he really didn't seem to mind the fact that he wasn't eating or peeing. That's the scary thing; a baby who doesn't really fuss at all. A seven week old baby who's still incredibly fragile, even though babies are remarkably resilient.

And it was Sunday. No chance to take him to our pediatrician. Fortunately, a doctor with resources at his fingertips lives in this house. Eventually Owen started keeping down small amounts of breast milk and pedialite, strewn throughout the hour, every hour. And by the time we went to bed he'd wet four diapers.

Sweet relief.

The night went fine and today he's fine.

What a day. One I would never, ever live again.

(For some reason photos from that day are not loading from my phone. Perhaps it's for the better. I'll add them soon.)

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