Saturday, April 9, 2016

Seven/Eight Week Owen

In the midst of the sickness, Owen turned 7 weeks and then now he's already 8 weeks! These photos were taken around 7.5 weeks, so we'll cover two weeks ;)
 He's weathered his first big sickness and bounced back like a champ,
 He's melting my heart daily with big smiles,
 and then even bigger, gaping gummy smiles!!
 There's nothing better!!
 And he's very elusive with these smiles as soon as you try to document them. SO grateful I caught them on the good camera the only time I actually captured them!!
 Mostly, you still love to be in my arms, in the carrier, or sleeping on your sheepskin. You also love being bounced on the yoga ball. Lying on your back, not so much. But you were content in these pictures!

 You've started cooing lately, more and more, and it is just so sweet. I love bantering back and forth with you. Ian loves it, too.
 You are one very beloved baby.
 It's hard to believe you've already been with us for *almost* two months!
We're completely enamored by you.

And your coos and smiles make us think that you might just like us, too ;)

Happy 7 & 8 Weeks, Owen David!!

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