Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Parents' Spring Break Visit

Nearly two weeks ago now, my parents arrived for their spring break visit. My dad hadn't met Owen yet and quickly settled down into a chair with the sleeping babe. My sister was still here for the first couple days of their visit and so there was no shortage of playmates for Ian or cuddlers for Owen. It was a really nice time of observing my family with my children; boy, are they loved.

 Well, we all feel the love. Jim was gifted an early birthday present; this Scottish rugby shirt was a real winner.
 We shared good conversations and relaxing days in the living room, around town, and in our yard. Mom & Dad treated all of us to a meal out at Mellow Mushroom (yum!) and I was fortunate enough to go to Our Daily Bread twice during their visit! It was their first time and I think they liked it ;)

This picture doesn't capture the heel clicks that Ian did almost all of the way back to the car! He was in high heaven holding hands with our company down the sidewalk.

 Jim had the great idea of asking Dad to bring his mandolin so that Ian could watch him play. Ian is fascinated by live music and, as you can see, I think he loves watching his Grumps in his element. We all love it, really.

 Dad took requests and we all sang along. We tried to choose songs that were very familiar to Ian, so he could sing with us, if he wanted.
 This was also Owen's first family sing-along session and he was wide awake and loving it!!

 The last request Ian had was for "I'll Fly Away," which is one I have sung to him every night for his whole life. It's a family favorite. We all joined in and took our parts. It was a really fun night.
The next day Phoebe hit the road for home and we headed to Chateau Morrisette, a winery off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a beautiful day, though a tad bit chilly. Ian was asleep when we got there, so Dad sent Mom and I in to do the wine tasting. By the end of the tasting, Grumps had decided that Ian needed one of the black dog stuffed animals, which is the mascot of the winery. Ian was obviously surprised to be allowed to choose one and beamed as he chose which one he wanted (they were all identical) and spent the rest of the day smitten. He still is. Ian & Dad decided the dog's name would be Morris.
 We stopped in Floyd and explored a few shops before heading back home. Owen napped cozily in the yard while Äma and Owen checked on the chickens and the egg quota for the day.
 At our request, Dad quite willingly grilled us his amazing chicken!!! Yum. He grilled enough for us to eat for days. Thanks, Daddio!

 Ian was playing with sticks with Leif, the oldest brother, and got hurt. Nothing a little venting to mama can't cure.

 And then he was right back at it ;)
 Owen was just on the cusp of smiling... he looks like he really wants to here.

 My little bear cub.
Mom came with me to my six week check-up, while Ian was at PMO and Dad worked at home. Owen & I enjoyed her company for breakfast and for the appointment.
Thank you for a lovely visit, Mom & Dad! 
We're grateful you chose to spend your spring break with us.

They left on Owen's six week birthday. Those sweet blue eyes still melt me daily.

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