Saturday, April 2, 2016

Six Week Owen

One week late.

Here's are a few photos I took of the six week Owen.
 Sweet Owen, this brother of yours adores you.

 You still have your particularly fussy time in the evening. Aunt Phoebe enjoyed bouncing you on the yoga ball each night during her visit. You like the yoga ball.
 During the day your fusses normally end as fast as they started. See the picture before and then this one, less than a second later.
 Like your mama and brother, I think you really enjoyed having family around. You soak up every person who holds you, listening to their voices, stories, and songs.
 But your favorite was falling asleep in their arms. You really prefer to be held over being put down. If you are sleeping without being in someone's arms, then you like to be on your belly. You are like your mama in that way.
 You are growing out of three month clothes already. This bee outfit is a 3-6 month onesie!
 This is your pre-sneeze face. It's the sweetest thing. Almost always followed by a dear little sigh.
 Ian ran to get you Moosey, since you were "Moosey" to us within the womb. We think we'll start taking your monthly pictures with this guy. Since we didn't use it at your actual one month old pictures, we had to play catch-up!

Oh, dear Owen, you are deeply loved.

Happy 6 Weeks!

Where, oh where, does the time go...?

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